Our Mission

  • To mobilize providers to deliver medical aid.
  • To support local Mexican providers and organizations in their efforts to address refugee needs.
  • To provide limited medical care to refugees in shelters who may be unable to access care elsewhere.
  • To sustain ongoing discussion on how to address the public health implications of such a large population of displaced individuals and their families.


To sustain a community of providers who are caring, comprehensive, and compassionate.

Our Clinic

Enclave Caracol

Refugee Health Alliance has established a clinic at an autonomous community space called Enclave Caracol where asylum seekers also can come to receive free meals and legal support. This clinic is open from Monday to Friday from 12:30 – 5:30 pm and is typically staffed by 2-5 volunteers. The clinic treats 10-30 patients each day and has access to basic labs, radiography, and testing nearby. If necessary, we also subsidize the hospitalization of critically ill migrants. Since our inception in November 2018, we have completed approximately 5,000 patient consultations and we have become the largest charity healthcare provider to the migrants and the shelters in Tijuana, with the exception of the Mexican government.

Our focus is not exclusive to medical treatment. We also provide mental health services in the form of psychological consultations and group support to vulnerable subsets of the population including unaccompanied minors and LGBT members. We also host recreational therapy sessions, which have included activities like art and yoga to promote psychological and physical well being. Lastly, we work with closely with lawyers to produce documentation for migrants in preparation for their asylum process.

Mobile Shelter Clinic

Every Saturday, at overcrowded shelters throughout Tijuana, we host mobile clinics for those who are unable to travel to Enclave Caracol. Clinical teams of 15 -35 physicians, nurses, EMTs and other medical volunteers typically see between 80-120 patients every Saturday. Higher acuity are then referred to local hospitals or for follow up at our clinic in Enclave Caracol.